Liberia Government Shuts Down Internet Following Anti Corruption Protests

Thousands of Liberians stormed the capital, Monrovia, yesterday to protest against the corruption of President George Weah’s administration. In response to the protest, the government blocked all social media platforms.

Netblocks, an internet monitoring organization confirmed this shutdown yesterday, saying platforms including Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook have been blocked to subdue the protest.

The disruptions affecting ordinary operation of the social media platforms have raised concerns of a state order to restrict the Save The State protests in Liberian capital Monrovia,’‘ NetBlocks said.

The Save the State protest started after the current president, George Weah’s inauguration into office.

Sometimes ago, the government declared that $104 million of freshly-minted currency went missing in shipping container at the Monrovia port. The protest is an uproar against the government’s alleged financial mismanagement, corruption and high rates of inflation.

Liberia’s Minister of Information Eugene Nagbe, told CNN that the shutdown was because of security concerns.

We have restored some of them.” He said, “we are not saying that the protesters were carrying out things detrimental to the nation, but the national security apparatus said there were threats to the country and the services were temporarily disrupted and have been restored,” Nagbe explained.

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