Lies That Bind- A Family Drama Series

Negative emotions such as greed, envy, lies, are the vices that grip the very core of our society. One would say that the Lies That Bind TV series, paints a too-vivid picture of the influences of these negative emotions on family bonds. Produced by Iroko TV, this TV series has become a favorite for those who love the suspense of each scene.

The Storyline of Lies That Bind

This Kenyan suspense-filled TV series starts in a patriarchal setting, in which Mr. Juma, the head of the family, suffers a cardiac arrest. Without a will to follow, the family descended into chaos, as each of the three wives and their children wanted the wealth for themselves. Then comes in the conniving brother to the deceased, who also wanted his share of the loot.

Cast of This Drama Series  

The casts in this movie include Lucy Nyaga, Ruth Maingi, Florence Nduta, Justin Mirichii, Tom Osongo, Irene Ayimba, Maureen Koech, Lenana Kariba, and Maqbul Mohammed amongst others

Where to Watch Lies That Bind

Visit to watch this soap opera


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