Linda Ikeji Deletes Rape Story From Her Blog | Nigerians React

For all the names and blog sites that roam the Internet, one name stands out for investigative journalism and that is Nigeria’s foremost blogger, billionaire Linda Ikeji.

Linda Ikeji blog is known by so many to defy all sympathy when it publishes a story as the blog serves stories and news as they come regardless of whose story is being told – a reason why she has always been on the receiving end of insults from the parties involved in her published stories

The blogger who isn’t a stranger to backlashes is on the news once again and it is for the very wrong reasons this time.

Nigerians have lashed out at the billionaire social media influencer for taking down a rape story she had earlier reported yesterday.

The story, be that as it may, a rape case involves one Razaq Oluwaseun and Don-Chima George. The pair were alleged to have lured a girl to a hotel, drugged her and raped her. The duo who took turns to rape the girl were said to have filmed the rape session before being rounded up by the police, a story that was later corroborated by Lagos State Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Chike Oti.

Rasaq Oluwaseun (Right) and Don-Chima George (left)

Several Nigerians took to Twitter to celebrate the Police and the fact that justice has been served to the rapists.

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However, in the heat of the celebrations, Linda Ikeji put down the story – something that has never happened in the blog’s history – after it was alleged that the father of one of the rapists and owner of De Lankaster Hotel where the crime had taken place, arrested the brother of the victim with the accused rapists released.

Nigerians have in response taken turns to lash out at Linda and accuse her of receiving a handsome pay cheque from the family of the accused with several of them expressing their disappointment for the blogger.

“God will judge Linda Ikeji, honestly, I used to have respect for her but she just showed us that she can actually be bought. Do what’s right no matter what, stop being a false model.” – @stylesenami

“Linda Ikeji pulling down the story of the girl raped by children of the elites goes to show that no only the NBA & the Bureau de Change CJN are corrupt….We also have Bureau de Change Bloggers who get paid to destroy news/stories involving the corrupt elites…..” – @onlydotcom

That said, the celebrity blogger has put up the story once again.

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