Lizzy Anjorin Calls Ogun To Kill Fan Who Accused Her Of Refusing To Help Dying Baba Suwe

Popular Nollywood actress and producer, Lizzy Anjorin has hurled insults and curse words at a fan who accused her of flaunting her lavish lifestyle and filling social media airspace with vain things rather than lend a helping hand to Veteran Yoruba actor, Baba Suwe. earlier mentioned that Baba Suwe was terribly ill and in some quarters reported to be dying. In the report, it was stated that Yomi Fabiyi accused Nollywood actors and actresses of being selfish and refusing to extend helping hands to the dying actor despite the fact that he was a good man.

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This news was what perhaps put some guts in the mind of a fan whose anger must have been fuelled by the rage with which Yomi Fabiyi spoke.

Consequently, the fan accused Lizzy Anjorin of paying so much attention to mundane things rather than rallying people in support of the ailing actor.

“There are other people willing to come to his aid only if there’s a little push from you folks who disturb the social media with your meaningless trade. At least that would be viewed by sane Nigerians that this time you are not just disturbing and constantly raising and provoking social media dust from settling for nothing”

Lizzy Anjorin for some reason felt insulted by the post and responded firmly yet with several taints of insults and curse words.

She argued that she had been left alone to her problems in the past when her mum was battling stroke and she was in the court slugging it out with a thief who stole her car all at the same time.

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She maintained that the same Nollywood stars save for Lepa Shandy and Madam Ashewo didn’t show up for her mother’s burial either after her eventual death, and that they instead opted to spread false rumours about her.

The actress apparently boiling gave in to her anger and said that Ogun will kill the fan and he will die just like her mother did if he ever made a repeat of such accusations.

She however made an interesting revelation when she mentioned that she had lent a helping hand to Baba Suwe a day before when she was informed of the actor’s situation.

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