Male Villagers Allegedly Threatened To Flog Kano Law School Students For “Teaching Their Wives To Be Disrespectful”

A Kano-based mental health advocate, Lopetee narrates how some male villagers threatened to flog some Kano Law school students for teaching the women about their rights.

According to Lopetee, the law students were going around villages to teach women’s rights. The women then reported to their husbands and the men warned off the Law students claiming they were trying to teach their wives to be disrespectful.

Lopetee wrote on Twitter;

“Kano Law school students were going to villages to talk to the women about their rights. The women reported to their husbands.

The husbands warned the law school students that if they see them again, they will flog the hell out of their lives???.

Not everyone needs help.

“The husbands claimed they were teaching the wives to be disrespectful.??

“I see people saying “why did they go?”

They just wanted to help??, obviously they didn’t learn about the society first. If there is one thing I have learnt here, it’s that your wrong is not everybody’s wrong, and you don’t help everyone.”

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