Man Cries Out As His Wife Marries His Best Man Without Divorcing Him

— A young man cried out after his wife lawfully wedded wife married his best man without divorcing him.

— The estranged wife was living with her mother when the husband heard she was getting married, to his best man.

39-year-old Shola Motunbi  cried out when his wife got married to his best man.

Shola Motunbi and Marian Ekiomado got married in August 2016. However they started having issues. The woman was allegedly  having affairs with multiple men during their marriage.

“Meanwhile whenever I leave the house she always removes the wedding frames from the house and invites her boyfriend in, meanwhile she has a little girl called Treasure that was her first daughter outside wedlock.

“Whenever I came home the daughter will tell me that daddy mummy removes the frame from the house and one brother came, she almost kills her daughter that night if not that I was around.

“After all the arguments the parent begged, and so I let go until again, I caught her chatting with a man she was having an amorous affair with on Facebook I confronted her and the mother, but she vehemently denied having anything to do with the man”.

Shola spoke to Vanguard.

Shola and Wife, Marian on Their Wedding Day

He explained that his wife terminated her pregnancy twice with claims of stress. When she delivered her next child, she wouldn’t let her husband see the child. He demanded a DNA test and she and family refused.

Not long after this did he get a message that revealed her wife was getting married to the man who was the best man on their wedding day.

Read What He Told Vanguard:

“What got me suspicious was that after she was 3 to 4 months pregnant, having terminated 2 pregnancy in the name of stress. she called her younger brother to fight and injured me in the house and I left and returned after she delivered on the 5th September 2017.

“I went there just once to see the child with my family after then she refuses to take my calls and refuses to bring the child for me to see.

“These made me get suspicious the more and so demanded a DNA test which she and her parent refused, to my greatest surprise I receive a call on Saturday 27th if April 2019 that she’s getting married in her mother’s house at Sapele road. I later found that she was getting married to the man who bests me.”

Marian and the Best man, her new husband

Shola has filed a lawsuit in court against his wife for breach of marital vows.

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