Man Declared Missing Found Locked Up In a Police Station

— A man was declared missing by his family on Good Friday.

— Meanwhile, the young man has been locked up in custody of SARS in Lagos without any arrangement to let him inform his family.

A man with the name Enifeni Tosin who was last seen at Owode, Ikorodu was declared missing by his family.

However, the young man was in police custody arrested without permission to inform his family about his whereabout. His family had been worried, news already spread that he was missing only to find out he was in a police station.

A friend or relative on Facebook reacted to this online saying the country is lawless and his family had gone through a lot thinking something bad had happened to him.

Read His Post Below:

“Do you know the man in the picture below was found in a police station somewhere around Ikeja. It is worrisome.

“How on earth would you arrest/detain a citizen in your custody without granting him permission to call a family or friend in order for them to know about his whereabout?

“Do NPF ever thought of the trauma his wife and family members went through within the past few days of keeping him in their custody without notice?

“We are in a lawless country, it is high time we all wake up from our slumber and rise against such illegal act, this could happen to any of us if action is not taken as regards this matter.”

He further went on to suggest the family of the victim file a case in court against the Nigeria Police Force.

“It’s a big shame to the NPF and infringement of Mr. Elias rights as a citizen of Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“I think the family of Mr Elias should file a case in court against NPF for detaining their child unlawfully.”

However, the man later took down this post.

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