Man In Shock After DNA Test Revealed One Of His Newborn Twins Isn’t His

A Chinese man is left stunned after DNA test reveals that his twin babies have two fathers.

Heteropaternal superfecundation is a rare occurrence whereby twins have different fathers.

The woman usually would have to have sex with two different men within a day before or after ovulation for both eggs to be fertilized.

The man made the shocking discovery after taking the newborns to undergo a DNA test as part of the standard procedure to register their births in China, a DNA analyst told reporters.

The man was surprised upon receiving the test results, which indicated that his wife also had sex with someone other than him.

Deng Yajun, the practitioner who made the paternity report, said that the chance for such case to happen is one in 10 million.

First, the mother needs to produce two eggs instead of one in the same month to have twins.” Ms Deng explained to China News Weekly.

Second, she needs to have intercourse with two men in really short space of time to make it possible.

‘The results showed that the children have the same mother but not the same father. They have at least two fathers,’ Ms Deng said.

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