Man Mercilessly Flogs 11-Year-Old Son For Refusing To Reveal Who Has Been Raping Him For 3 Years, Leaving His Anus Rotten

A doctor has shared a very heartbreaking story of a young boy he encountered at the clinic.

The doctor identified as Doctor Bright Oris revealed that the 11-year old had been defiled (for 3 years) by a neighbour, a man who is married.

The mom noticed that her son couldn’t sit properly so she asked what was wrong. He refused to speak up and when he was fast asleep, the mom checked and found that her son’s anus is maggot infested.

The father asked him to speak up about who did it to him and when he didn’t reply, he flogged him mercilessly for over 3 hours. He eventually revealed that it was their neighbor who had been defiling the young boy for over 3 years and threatened to kill him if he told anyone.

The neighbor is currently on the run and the doctor revealed that the boy has anal warts and if left unattended to could lead to cancer.

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