Man Shares Experience With His Girlfriend’s Fiance

— A Nigerian Man on twitter shares his experience with his Girlfriend’s fiance.

— Unknowingly to him, his girlfriend of a month old has a Fiance.

— He reportedly called him, cried and begged him to leave her alone.

A twitter user shared his story on twitter with his girlfriend’s fiance. @OrlandoNnaoma revealed he didn’t know his girlfriend of a month old was engaged to another man.

The fiance called him and threatened him to leave her alone. Afterwards, the fiance started crying, confessing how much he loves her and begged him to leave her.

A lady I’ve been dating for a month now has a fiance and I didn’t even know..he just called me threatening my life..

“Told him not to worry,its over,life na one oo..The nigga cried while talking to me..he’s in love with this girl to still want to continue with the sad”

He revealed that the girl seemed so perfect and he didn’t see any sign she was engaged. Although he was shocked to hear the man cry through the phone, he understood what the guy must feel for her  as “she was the best he’s ever met.”

“I was shocked when he started crying telling me he loves her just immediately after he threatened me…I felt so sorry for him…and felt bad that I put him in such state though unintentionally.”

“See ehh nne…that girl is the best I’ve ever met hands down…I totally get why the guys is ready to die on her matter…it hurts like maaad” He wrote.

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