Man Trapped In Tunnel He Dug To Spy On Ex

— Man trapped in a tunnel he dug on his ex property to spy on his ex in Mexico.

— He was rescued after spending almost 24 hours in the hole he dug for himself.

A man identified with the name Cesar Arnoldo Gomez was rescued after being trapped in a tunnel.

The jealous man in an attempt to spy on his ex, Griselda Santillan had dug the hole without her knowledge. Once he was in there, he realized he was trapped.

The hole was dug under the property of his ex and although he was screaming for help, the ex who had heard strange sounds had thought it were cats.

Meanwhile, the man had a restraining order from to stay away from Griselda which explains why he had to dig a hole to spy on her.

When the noise persisted, Griselda and her neighbor searched the place and found her ex trapped in there. Emergency was called immediately, he was rescued and he was found dehydrated and intoxicated.

The woman, 58 explained that he is a jealous man which was the reason for the breakup of their relationship of many years. And the reason she got a restraining order.

Cesar Arnoldo Gomez is now in jail as he went against the restraining order he was supposed to follow before the incident.

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Man trapped in tunnel he dug to spy on ex
Man found trapped in tunnel

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