Manchester City All Time Highest Scorers

At this time, Manchester City is the best in England, and invariably one of the best in the world. They have just won the English Premier League title for the 2017/2018 season. Manchester City did not always pack punch like this, especially looking at their play from the inception of the English Premier League. However, everything changed with the injection of Arab money into the club. This doesn’t mean the club was never great; it has always been a great club.  And today we’ll be looking at some of those players who have made it what it is today. We’ll be looking at Manchester City All Time Highest Scorers.

Kun Sergio Aguero 199 goals, Appearances —still playing

Kun Aguero, the second highest goal scorer in the premier league at this moment in the 2017/2018 season. Usually, Messi eclipses him in the Argentine national team, but at the Etihad, he shines brightly like the sun. And it is not difficult to see why; this Manchester City forward has been firing on all cylinders for the better part he stay in City. Aguero has scored over 30 goals in all competitions this season, and this is his personal best. Since coming to Manchester City, he’s so improved the game of Mancity that he’s been considered a legend at the club. Aguero is also the highest non-European goal scorer in EPL history and in 2017 he became the highest goal scorer for Mancity. Kun is on 199 Manchester City goals, for now, the 200th goal has proved kinda, elusive, but of course, we know he’ll get there.

Eric Brook 179 goals, 494 Goals

In 1940, Eric Brook broke his skull in an accident during World War 2, which invariably led to his early retirement. When Aguero broke Brook’s record in 2017, some said if not for his early retirement, he (Aguero) might have had to wait longer or work harder. The fact still remains that it takes away nothing from Eric Brook. He was a left winger, very fast and had a powerful shot. He is one of England’s best players of all time. He created a record which took 77 years to break. Eric Brook died in 1965 at the age of 57.

Tommy Johnson 166 goals, 354 Appearances

Tommy Johnson was a left-winger, who played for Manchester City, he was a Manchester City Legend and created a record when he scored 38 goals in 39 matches. This was in the 1928/1929 season. The English forward scored a total of 158 goals in the 11 years he spent in Manchester City. He left Manchester City in 1930 and joined Everton. He died in 1973 at the age of 72.

Colin Bell 501 appearances, Goals 153

13 seasons from the age of 20, he’s been dubbed as the best player ever to have played for Manchester City. Though not everyone is in agreement with that, however, everyone seems to agree that the powerhouse midfielder was definitely one of the best players ever to have worn the Citizens jersey.

Joe Hayes -152 goals, 364 appearances

He joined the Citizens at the age of 17, this was in 1953 and he spent 13 years of his career at Maine Street. However, his career was cut short with a knee injury. And by the time he was back, he had become a shadow of his former self. The injury was improperly diagnosed, so this affected his recovery process. He retired from football at the early age of 29. He had it in him to become the Citizen’s all-time scorer, but it wasn’t to be.

Billy Meredith -151 Goals, 394 Appearances

He was one of the oldest players to play for Manchester City; this was at the age of 49. This was over 100 years ago, so we don’t really see anyone breaking that record. Billy Meredith was a right winger of Man city. He was known for his accurate crosses into the box or his penchant for cutting into the box and aiming for goal, and he did score many times using this method. Meredith’s stay in City was cut short though, he was involved in a scandal, so he and some others had to leave the club. Meredith is considered a legend at this club, in spite of his controversial character.

Francis Lee – Goals 148, and 330 Appearances

He was renowned for his ability to win penalties, albeit dubiously some would say. However, his penalty conversion rate was second to none for the Blues. He joined City in 1967 at the age of 23; his transfer fee was just about £60,000 pounds. Lee’s powerful shot put him ahead of the pack in the goal-scoring department.  He spent about 7 years, and he was sold to Derby County.

Tommy Browell – 139 Goals, Appearances 247

Browell played at Maine Street over 100 years ago; he’s one of Manchester City’s best goal scorers of all time. And an attestation to that fact is that after over 100 years he still has a place on Manchester city all time highest scorers. Browell joined Manchester City from Everton in 1913, and he’ll spend 13 years there before retiring. Tommy Browell started his career in Hull city and then moved to Everton and before ending his football career in Manchester City.

Fred Tilson – 132 goals, 273 Appearances

Fred Tilson and Eric signed for Manchester City on the same day. They were partners at their previous club, this was in 1928 and the club was Barnsley, and the transfer fee for both of them was £6000. This was a great investment for City as the pair went on to produce great results at Maine Street. The partnership will yield over 300 goals, with Gillespie scoring 132 of those goals. Freddy stopped playing for Manchester City in 1938 after 10 years of joining the club.  His partner, Eric Brooks sits at no 2 of Manchester City all time highest goal scorers list. It is believed that if not for injuries which plagued Tilson’s career, he would have done better in the goal-scoring department.

Billy Gillespie – 132 Goals, 231 Appearances

Though Gillespie is an English man, his name does sound like that of a Black jazzist. Gillespie was a footballer, and he played the position of a striker. He was very skilful with the ball and was great at converting chances. Gillespie retired from football in 1905, after spending 8 great years at Maine Street.

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