Manchester City Eviscerates Schalke 04 In Humiliating Fashion

Manchester City annihilated, humiliated and utterly destroyed Schalke 04 when the pair locked horns at the Etihad stadium. There was a solemn apology by Schalke after the match, one that acknowledged not just the margin of their opponent’s victory but also the way they seemed fearless and emboldened on the field of play.

There were lots of goals for the citizens, 10 goals over the two legs, 7 with no reply in the second leg and 26 in eight Champions League matches, but it is the remorselessness with which they ran riot over their German counterparts that scares everyone else in the race for the crown.

Indeed, it is hard to outline any other side who is more tuned up for the competition this term and they have just crowned themselves new favourites alongside Juventus.

There is no gainsaying that Schalke were caught in the middle of the park somewhere in between chasing the game and parking the bus but sadly for them, could do neither.

More worringly for Schalke was that two of the Citizen’s best performers who did the most damage to them on the night were their former players in Leroy Sane and Ilkay Gundogan.

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Indeed, there would be Schalke players in the last-eight of the competition, just none that currently plays for them.

Guardiola cajoled and berated his players towards the end of an opening thirty minutes. He couldn’t explain how they could manage 72 percent possession with no goals to show for it and he switched from pacey play to one or two touches play between his players.

The German side’s defence was soon unlocked when Aguero converted a penalty after Bernardo Silva had been fouled inside the box.

After that, a barrage of six other goals from Aguero, Sane, Sterling, Bernardo Silva, Foden and Gabriel Jesus in that order came through.

This must have forced the hands of Schalke’s Twitter handler to write after the game: “We can only apologize for tonight”. They were completely eviscerated and had no reply to hand out.

Manchester City 7-0 Schalke 04 it ended.

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