May Day: Gov. Rotimi Akeredolu calls for the rededication of service to fatherland

– Gov. Rotimi Akeredolu has called for the rededication of service to fatherland

– He, however, disclosed that his administration is putting all in place to cater for workers in Ondo state

Still in the celebration of May 1st workers day, Ondo state governor, Rotimi Akeredolu has praised Nigerian workers for their service irrespective of the situations of things in the country.

Aketi as he is popularly referred to, however made a plea for rededication of service to fatherland, he added that it is patriotic to use one’s energy and talent for the progress of the country.

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Gov. Akeredolu in his Workers day message said,

WORKERS’ DAY CELEBRATION (1) Let me seize this occasion to congratulate all Nigerian workers for this year’s celebration. We should all be happy that we have been sustained by Grace, despite onerous challenges

(2) I salute workers in our dear State for the cooperation extended to our Administration, generously, since inception. I acknowledge their doggedness in the face of daunting exaction’s

(3) I thank the union leadership for the understanding displayed at difficult moments.

4) As the country courses through challenging times, all of us are invited to rededicate ourselves to the service of our fatherland. Its ennobling to be counted among few who are called upon to serve. Its patriotic to deploy one’s energy & talent for the progress of the society
(5) It is expected, therefore, that all those who serve diligently should also be catered for during and, more importantly, after they must have disengaged from public service.
(6) On our part, this Administration continues to keep its promises to the workers and people of the State that their welfare shall be the directive principles of state policy.
(7) We have been able to strike the delicate balance in discharging this duty to both the workers and the people, within the available resources.
(8) Not only have we been able to manage the severely limited funds, our Administration, with your commitment, has just been rated number one in Internally Generated Revenue rating in the country by the Public Bureau of Statistics.
(9) We believe that the most effective way to ameliorate the poor living conditions of our people is to abridge the infrastructural deficit in the State.
(10) Unless and until the hinterlands, upon which our aspiration towards self-sufficiency in food production is anchored, are linked to the urban centres, in a design which promotes cooperation on socio-economic fronts, poverty will not be tackled effectively
(11) The provision of social amenities such as water, as exemplified by the drive of the Government to reach all the nooks and crannies of the State,
(12) as well as the recent supply of medical equipment to all the facilities in the 18 Local Governments, attune with our determination to make life more meaningful for our people.
(13) Our Administration has embarked on massive road construction projects in the 3 Senatorial Districts in the State. We proceed on the basis of Equity, believing that no part of our dear state should be neglected.

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