May God publicly punish me – Reno Omokri reacts to allegation he diverted funds generated for Leah Sharibu

Twitter went on fire today when former president aide, Reno Omokri who was keen on helping and advocating for Leah Sharibu was accused of diverting the funds generated.

Leah Sharibu is the only Dapchi girl left in the captive of Boko Haram and advocation and funds were generated to help her family.

In reaction to the allegations, Reno Omokri wished the punishment of God on him if the claims were true.

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I am currently enjoying the time of my life in Ethiopia and I am too BLESSED to be STRESSED by the DISTRESSED who are spreading rumours that I am benefiting from my Free Leah Campaign. I started the #FreeLeahSharibumovement and I‘ve not and will not make money from it. I wrote a book on Leah Sharibu and gave ALL the money to her mum.

“I used my own money to make #FreeLeahSharibu T-Shirts and I sold them to the public and asked buyers to pay the money DIRECTLY to Leah’s father’s account. If there is anyone who has paid me money in public or secret, then be bold enough to EXPOSE me.

“I have NOT collected money from any CHARITY or FOUNDATION. Why would I? MONEY is not my PROBLEM. My PROBLEM is how to INVEST and SPEND the money I made LEGALLY from my Number One Bestseller. God APPOINTED me. My haters can’t UNDART or DISAPPOINT me.

“Because of the #FreeLeahSharibu movement, I have been to 27 countries in 2019 (so far) with MY OWN MONEY. I have met and convinced world leaders, including Boris Johnson, and pop stars, including Shalamar, to wear the Free Leah T-Shirts ON MY OWN DIME.

“I went to Mount Everest because of #FreeLeahSharibu and made the movement go global. My money and my money alone is driving the movement. I have not collected a DIME from any local or international agency. If you have proof to the contrary, EXPOSE me.

“I don’t mean to be vain. I only say this because of what these bitter haters are saying. But, God blessed me with:




“So of course they will hate me. They want to be me. But it is not by power or might, but by God’s grace.

“Finally, if I have taken money from any agency or charity, then may God PUBLICLY punish me. But if these haters have falsely accused me, then my Father in heaven, please PUBLICLY avenge me. Meanwhile, #FreeLeahSharibu continues. Haters, think of new LIES.”

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