“Men Will Embarrass You” – Nigerian Lady Recounts a Bad Date

Nigerian lady identified as Coco on Twitter recounts a bad date she had with a man she recently met through her cousin.

According to her, they set up a date and he picked her up, took her to a nice restaurant yesterday.

She revealed she was intentional about her order and made sure she went for food she could afford. The man on the other hand ordered food and drinks worth N33,500.

He also insisted the lady would pay, however she thought he was joking at first until the waiter brought receipts. She paid for hers but the man wanted her to pay for him which she refused. He claimed he didn’t have his ATM card with him and she asked him to transfer it to her. He transferred N3000 instead of N33,500.

It led to a scene at the restaurant and at the end of the day, he had to call a friend who borrowed him the money. When it was time to leave, he refused to take her home although he was the one who brought her.

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