Minneapolis Man Narrates How He Was Almost Killed In 2008 By The Same Officer Who Knelt On The Neck Of A Black Man Till He Died

In light of the protest over George Floyd’s death; a Minneapolis man has identified the police officer; Derek Chauvin who knelt on the neck of George Floyd till he died as the same officer who almost killed him in 2008.

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According to Daily Beast, Ira Latrell Toles, 33, said the cop, Derek Chauvin stormed into his home on May 24, 2008, assaulted him in the bathroom then shot him in the stomach.

After seeing the video showing the moment the cop knelt on George Floyd’s neck on Tuesday evening, Toles texted his sister saying Chauvin might have been the officer who shot him.

His sister then confirmed that he was indeed the one who shot him in 2008.

Toles, who still experiences stomach pain says George Floyd would have been alive today if Chauvin had been punished for shooting him in 2008.

If he was reprimanded when he shot me, George Floyd would still be alive,” Toles said.

Toles said the incident happened when the mother of his child called the police and several officers arrived at the home without announcing themselves.

“When I saw that he breached the front door, I ran in the bathroom. Then he starts kicking in that door. I was in the bathroom with a cigarette and no lighter.” 

He said he started to hit Chauvin in self-defense and was shot because he allegedly tried to grab the officer’s gun.

After receiving treatment at hospital, he was taken to court where, was charged with two counts of felonious obstruction of legal process or arrest and a misdemeanor for domestic assault.

To turn a misdemeanor disorderly situation into a felony situation that could have resulted in me dying? He tried to kill me in that bathroom,” Toles lamented. “I knew he would do something again, I wish we had smartphones back then.”

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