Miyetti Allah Says Atiku’s Fulani Background In Doubt

– Miyetti Allah have responded to Atiku Abubakar allegations that Buhari is not a Fulani man

– The group disclosed that there is doubt over Atiku’s Fulani background because he doesn’t know his uncle

– According to the group, Pres. Buhari’s Fulani background is not in doubt even if he doesn’t speak Fulfulde 

The Peoples Democratic Party PDP presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar during a campaign in Jigawa state had questioned the Fulani background of Pres. Muhammdu Buhari.

He revealed that the president is not a full-blooded Fulani man because he can’t speak the Fulfulde language.

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However, in response to Atiku Abubakar’s allegation, Miyetti Allah in a new statement have made it known that being unable to speak the Fulfude language doesn’t make the president less a Fulani man

This was made public by the National Secretary, Miyetti Allah, Mr Saleh Alhassan,  who said said that the Fulfulde language is spoken in several places in Adamawa.

He added that Atiku being able to speak Fulfulde doesn’t mean he is a Fulani man.

An extract from the statement read, ”If you look at Atiku physically, he doesn’t carry the biological features of a Fulani man. You look at Atiku and you see the Bantu tribe. He doesn’t belong to the Sudanic tribe.”

Mr. Alhassan went on to put Atiku’s Fulani ancestral in doubt, he hinted that one of the main thing to be known by Fulanis is to know their uncles.

He said, “we don’t know Atiku’s uncle and all Fulani know their uncles. Have you ever seen Atiku’s uncle? His claim to Fulani background is shrouded in uncertainty because nobody knows his uncles.”

Alhassan affirmed that President Buhari being a Fulani is not in doubt because his father was an Ardo, a Fulani leader.


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