Mom Gets Daughter Arrested For Trying To Walk Out Of Her Abusive Marriage

A lady identified as @mz_tosyn on Twitter has narrated how her friend was arrested for leaving her husband who has been abusing her.

According to the lady, her friend was beaten several times by the husband. She decided to move out of his house and moved to her own apartment. Her mother brought the husband to her new apartment and beat her up in front of the mother.

The lady decided to leave the apartment and the agent told her to come for the balance at an appointed time. On getting there, she was arrested by police and was told her mom and husband were waiting for her.

Read Full Story Below:

“A lady left her husband because of domestic violence, her mother insists she stay in the marriage, she left her husband and got an apartment, her mother took the husband to her new place, the guy beat the lady in the presence of her mother, she escaped and went to her … friend’s house.

“She didn’t feel safe in the new apartment any more since her mom brought her ex, she asked the landlord for her balance and was told to come for it yesterday, she got to the agent and the agent said her mom called him not to give her without a witness.

“She called her mom and she denied saying such, the agent called her this morning to come for her balance, she could hear her mom’s voice in the background and said she wasn’t going, the agent kept calling denied her mom wasn’t there after like 10 calls decided to go.

“Getting there she was arrested by the police saying her mom and her son are in the station waiting for her, I called her just now and they asked her to hang up the call

“Btw guys I can’t find the girl ooo, her phones are switched off.”

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