Mosquitoes must feed to survive, you will go to hell if you kill them – Prophet Daniel Obinim

Controversial Ghanaian Prophet, Daniel Obinim says one must not kill mosquitoes and anyone who does will go to hell.

According to the Prophet, mosquitoes were created by God and must be allowed to feed and survive.

In his words:

Why should you kill mosquitoes?. Don’t you know God wants them to survive?

In fact, you will burn in Hell if you kill mosquitoes. Allow them to survive because they also need blood to survive

prophet daniel obinim
Prophet Daniel Obinim and his members

Prophet Daniel Obinim is well known for making outrageous claims and highly controversial statements.

In an earlier report by, the popular Prophet Daniel Obinim shared a testimony of a lady who received a miraculous increase in backside after placing his church sticker on it.

He was at a time alleged to have turned into a snake during a live TV show.

In another bout of controversy, he now says his members must allow mosquitoes to feast on them, otherwise they would go to hell fire.


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