Moura Takes Tottenham to First European Final – An All-English Final

Tottenham completed a semifinal of comebacks as they overturned a 3-0 aggregate lead via a hat trick from Lucas Moura.

We’re now set for an all-English final at Wanda Metropolitano in Madrid on the 1st of June. It was one of those rare occasions where Spurs fans and supporters felt like the blood in their veins had been changed into thick red wine.

Tottenham looked in despair after falling two goals behind in the first half but Pochettino took a gamble and brought in Llorente for Wanyama.

Llorente gave the defence one more body to be worried about. With Rose pushing up front, Son Heung-Min bringing his trickery to the table and Eriksen producing some mesmerising plays, Ajax must have felt it was only a matter of time for their post to give way.

Until Moura got the third goal in stoppage time which took them straight to the finals, Spurs were staring defeat in the eye.

They had just managed to claw themselves into the game with two quick Moura goals and looked like they were going to end the encounter with so many what-ifs

What if Jan Vertonghen hadn’t slammed his header against the crossbar? What if they had not allowed that early Ajax goal? What if Harry Kane was fit enough to play?

But then the clock ran down to 95th minute and the unexpected happened in the twinkle of an eye.

Dele Alli set the former PSG man up and the January signing who looked determined to make people forget the absence of Kane slotted the ball into the net with his left foot.

The emotions round the Johan Cryuff Arena could only explain a fraction of what it meant to the North London club. It’s going to be their first ever European final, all thanks to Lucas Moura.

Maybe they were emboldened by their win against Manchester City or Liverpool’s comeback against Barcelona the night before, they were ready to go all the way and so they did via three away goals.

Ajax 2-3 Tottenham (3-3 aggregate) it ended.

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