Mr Eazi Recovering From An Illness That “Felt Like Coronavirus”

Nigerian singer, Mr Eazi has shared his fear of contracting coronavirus after feeling unwell few days ago in the UK.

In this week’s edition of This Is Africa on BBC World Service radio, DJ Edu and Mr Eazi revealed that they felt unwell at the same time, few days after having a meal together.

Mr Eazi revealed that he resorted to eating loads of ginger, vitamins, and had to isolate himself.

He said;

“I think when things [like coronavirus] happen you’re looking for something, some kind of light within the entire situation… Now I’m speaking to my mom three times a day, which I usually don’t. So that’s one thing that has happened in this season – I’ve stayed more in touch with family.”

Mr Eazi further advised people to stay home, stay safe because the virus is real.

He said;

Please stay at home, the virus is real. I see a lot of people say ‘Oh the virus is not real’ – the virus is very real. Wash your hands, and stay away from the older people. Care for them but be careful, because you might not know you have the virus and you don’t want to get a lot of people sick.”

DJ Edu and Mr Eazi also explained that they are now both recovering from the illness that looked and felt like coronavirus.

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