MTN Data Plan and Code

Information is power and the internet is the one stop for whatever information you need. The internet is also a means of connecting with friends and loved ones (whether they like it or not). Imagine your data connection breaks off just at the moment your crush is about to reply your long love message on whatsapp. This will definitely prove to you that getting a data connection you can rely on and which has enough bandwidth for any download you need, is very vital.

MTN has a proven record over time in terms of reliability. MTN has also recently stepped up their data volume, giving you more data for less the money. MTN provide a comfortable plan for all smart phones with either Android, Blackberry or IOS operating system.

Hey! Enough talk…….Why not just check out the MTN data plan yourself 😉


If you are not much of an internet person but would love to check a couple of mails, you can get 30MB for N100 or 100MB for N200 by texting 104 or 113 respectively to 131. But don’t fall in love with surfing the net on this plan just yet because the data won’t last, and if it does, it’s just for 24hrs.


If the fun ended too quickly form the 24hrs experience and you’re still not ready for committing to a whole month’s subscription just yet, you could try out the 750MB plan at N500 for a week by texting 103 to 131. This should give you an averagely good surfing time and experience.


For a much better and rewarding experience, four packages are available for the monthly subscription, depending on how your data consumption patter. Although usually high consumption of data can either be from the contents you download or from leaving your phone application running always.

For 1.5GB, text 106 to 131 @N1,000

For 3.5GB, text 110 to 131 @N2,000

For 10GB, text 116 to 131 @N5,000

For 22GB, text 117 to 131 @N10,000.

You could also send any of the codes to 131 and you’ll have enough data for a lasting internet experience.


For big data users, your needs can also be met with a 60 Day plan of 50GB valued at N20,000 (text 128 to 131) or a Quarterly plan or 85GB valued at N50,000 (text 133 to 131). The more the data, the more fun to it is surf.


You will get a 24hr Standard Blackberry 5MB data plan for N25 when you text BBMD to 21600; or a 25MB 7Days data plan for N100 by texting BBMW to 21600; or you could text BBMM to 21600 to get 100MB for 30Days at N350.

But for a better experience with your Blackberry, the BLACKBERRY ABSOLUTE PLAN of either N1,500/Month; N599/Week; N120/Day. Text the codes BIS (N1500) Or BISWEEK (N599) Or BISDAY (N120) respectively to 21600.

You can also checkout the BLACKBERRY COMPLETE PLAN of either N1,000/Month; N499/Week; N100/Day with codes BBC; BBCWEEK; BBCDAY respectively, sent to 21600 for any of the above plan of choice.


The Blackberry 10 series operates with an android operating system which allows it to consume more data. This is why MTN brought forth three other packages to solve your BB10 data problem.


A simple dial of *216*15# gives you access to 1.5GB of data at N3,000, valid for a month. But you can do a week long subscription of N1,100, when you dial *216*14# which gives you 350MB; or dial *216*13# for 50MB at N200.


Dial *216*12# to get 500MB for a month, valued at N1,500; or dial *216*11# to get 125MB for a week, valued at N550; or get a daily plan of 15MB for N100 by dialing *216*10#.


You get access to 260MB worth of data at N1,000 valid for a month, dial *216*9#; or a week plan of 70MB at for N350, dial *216*8#; dial *216*7# to get 10MB for one day at N70.

Ensure you use the right code to avoid your airtime being used up instead of your bundle.

Be sure to drop comment on your experience using the MTN Data Plan!

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