Muslims to commence fasting on Monday – Sultan of Sokoto confirms

– The Sultan of Sokoto has confirmed that Muslims will commence fasting on Monday

– The Sultan also made prayers to Allah on behalf of religious leaders and Muslims for them to be able to discharge their religious duties.

According to a latest report, the Spiritual leader of Muslims in Nigeria, the Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Sa’ad Abubakar has confirmed the sighting of the moon, which symbolizes that Muslim faithfuls are ready to start their fasting.

The Sultan in his statement declared that the fasting will commence tomorrow.

According to the report, the Sultan of Sokoto, made this declaration on Sunday, this comes after the Sultan on Saturday told Muslim faithfuls to look out for the new moon of Ramadan 1440A.H.

The latest declaration was made by Prof. Sambo Junaidu, the Chairman, Advisory Committee on Religious Affairs, Sultanate Council,Sokoto, he said “this is to inform the Muslim Ummah that Sunday, May 5, which is equivalent to 29 day of Sha’aban 1440A.H., shall be the day to look for the new moon of Ramadan 1440A.H.

“Muslims are, therefore, requested to start looking for the new moon of Ramadan 1440AH on Sunday and report its sighting to the nearest district or village head for onward communication to the Sultan.”

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The Muslim Spiritual leader also made prayers to Allah on behalf of all religious leaders and Muslim faithfuls so that they can be able to discharge their Islamic duties.

According to the Islamic calender, Ramadan is the ninth month, during which muslim faithfuls not just in Nigeria but all over the world must conduct the compulsory full month fasting.

During the fasting, Muslim faithfuls avoid things that can bring about sin and that can make the fasting unholy and unacceptable before Allah.

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