‘My Dancing Partner Didn’t Want to Dance’, Israel Adesanya Reacts to ‘Boring’ Win Over Yoel Romeo

Middleweight champion of UFC 248, Isreal Adesanya, has said he was disappointed in his opponent, Yoel Romeo, for not giving him the fight he wanted.

Romeo, who is one of the most dangerous fighters in the category, was threading with caution while Adesanya used his distance technique effectively. This could be down to the fact that Romeo is avoiding defeat after losing his last three fights.

To the frustration of the Cuban who usually holds his opponent and finish them early, he told the Nigerian born fighter to go to the running tracks if he wants to be running with Olympic champion, Usain Bolt.

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The Nigerian born New Zealander was focusing on the Cuban best weapon, which are his legs, which weakened him.

Speaking to UFC after the fight, Adesanya who is nicknamed The Stylebender expressed his disappointment in the opponent for not coming for him as expected.

“To be honest, after the fight, I was really frustrated that my dance partner didn’t wanna dance. You look at the guy like Kelvin….., he brought the fight. It takes two to tango. So, if I am trying to fight and you are just standing on the ground, common! That silly, I mean I took his best shot in the first round.

“That might be the only round i gave him. He is playing like, ‘o yeah, am not hurt”. The legs don’t lie, I cut him up.

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While stating that he has never been in  a boring fight, he said he was expecting more of a fight from him.


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