‘My Fiancé Called Off Our Wedding Because I Shaved Off My Hair’ – Actress Ruth Eze

Nollywood actress, Ruth Eze reminisced how she lost her sister to a toxic marriage because she didn’t want to cause shame to herself by leaving.

In honour of her sister’s death, the actress shaved her hair and her fiance called off their engagement for this reason.

Eze said: “My sister was briefly sick, but the major cause of her death was bad marriage. She married the wrong person. She married a man that didn’t know anything about loving and caring for a woman! All he wanted was her money.

“How do you take care of someone you don’t love? He never did, he stressed the life out of my sister. I stay with my sister anytime I come to Lagos; she shows and tells me everything. She would have left the marriage long time ago, but she stayed back to please people that are alive now.

My sister couldn’t stand the shame of leaving her marriage. She’s this kind of a person that will bear anything so that shame will not come her way. Her death is so painful and unbelievable. It has taught me to walk out of any relationship or marriage that is not working. I no longer care or think about what people will say. I don’t give a damn anymore, because if you die, those people will still be alive.

“However, to honour her sister, Eze shaved off her hair, but that cost her a jewel, her fiancé.

“Because of the love I have for my sister, I shaved off my hair for her, and this coincided with a role I was playing that demanded I would have to go almost bald. I took up the job and shaved off my hair. That was how I lost my man. My fiancé called off our introduction and engagement, which was supposed to hold in a few weeks time just because I shaved off my hair.

“I have moved on but the thing is, I don’t care anymore. Life goes on! My eyes are wide open now and I’m more prayerful. I will never marry a man that smokes weed and that’s not God fearing. Such a man will lead any woman to her early grave.”

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