My Husband Is Cheating On Me With My Mother – Lady Cries Out

It’s as shocking story as a woman found her husband cheating on her with her mother.

The lady, unidentified cried out after this. The screenshot of the messages she sent surfaced online and people have been talking.

In her lengthy message. She wrote that she was 4 months pregnant and with the doctors advice she needed a lot of rest.

Her husband invited her mother over to take care of her. Afterwards, He left the matrimonial room for the mother and daughter saying he doesn’t want to be tempted.

Her mum is a deacon, therefore it was hard to suspected anything.

“I started suspecting my husband not quite long but I couldn’t place my hands on anything as my mom is a deacon in church” she wrote.

It wasn’t long after that she caught the husband sleeping with the mother.

She pretended to go out when in fact she was in the toilet. When she came out, her husband was with her mother having s*x.

When she accused them, her mother defended herself saying she should be grateful her husband is sleeping with her and not an outsider.

She has since left the house for them to stay at a friends house.

The lady is confused, she’s pregnant and unsure if she should keep the baby or not.

“Should I abort the baby and move on to deal with my husband and mother?” the lady enquired.

See Screenshots Of Her Message:

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