I’ve enjoyed watching the FIFA Women’s World Cup. I really have. We have seen some good female football players grace our screens this summer. We’ve also seen some spectacular scorelines as well; just take a look at that USA-Thailand game. 13-nil? Christ! People traveled all the way from home to take in THAT MANY GOALS? Incredible stuff…and we’re getting to the best part.

As it stands, the competition has reached the knock-out phase so the ‘big girls’ are the ones playing. Take a look at the teams left in the competition; Norway, Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, USA (obviously), Sweden, Spain and Italy have been incredible in this World Cup. I watched the France-Brazil game yesterday and it was all shades of quality. I mean…Amandine Henry is so good. Marta is amazing and I have a major crush on the Brazil goalie, Barbara. The point on Barbara is irrelevant but I have to get it out there…just in case she’s single.

So what else has made this tournament stand out for me? Quite a few.

  • THE AFRICANS ARE OUT: VAR will be the biggest talking point when you remember Nigeria and Cameroon but it’s clear that both sets of ladies were nowhere near the quality required to compete, let alone succeed, in this tournament. First of all, Nigeria got into the knockout round through the backdoor of the backdoor while Cameroon looked like they had already left France before they were asked to come back. Once the fixtures came out, you just knew that none of them would make it. Against Germany? England? Not a chance. Nigeria basically fed Germany their goals while Cameroon’s biggest impression on the competition was their on-field protest against a VAR system that CORRECTLY disallowed their goal and allowed the goal from England. Sad…but we have to accept that African Women’s football is still some way off from the rest of the world.

  • THE HOSTS HAVE TO KEEP GOING: France got past a good Brazil side, which means they are a very good side. After bulldozing their way through South Korea, Norway and Nigeria, I thought Brazil would be their biggest test yet. I even feared that they would exit the competition and no one wants that…at least not for now. Renard looks like Van Dijk in every sense while I love the hell out of Henry. They could face the USA (ah!) next so I’m scared again. I would love them to keep going till the end because I’ve loved watching them. They have to believe that they can keep going.
  • DON’T EXPECT UPSETS YET: USA are up against Spain, Netherlands play Japan, Italy have China to play against and Sweden will face Canada. Look bruh…I can tell you our quarter-finalists: USA, Netherlands, Italy, Sweden, France, Norway, England and Germany. If I’m wrong, let me be wrong but don’t expect to gasp in the remaining fixtures in this round.
  • I FOUND NEW CRUSHES: I wish I could date Alex Morgan (USA), Barbara (Brazil), Kathellen (also Brazil), and Ordega (Nigeria). I could name more but I don’t want to be greedy. These players can play and they could pass as your girlfriends any day. If I find a lady that can play football and still be attractive, I’m marrying her immediately.

Some way to go yet in the tournament but I’m loving it so far. Can’t wait to see what’s left. Women football is definitely on the rise and I think this tournament has gone a long way to illustrate that. FIFA has done a lot of work in promoting the ladies in the game. For ladies looking to make a career in football, especially on the pitch, please look no further than Marta’s post-match words yesterday.


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