85 Best Natural Hair Styles to Try

Most women’s pride and joy is their hair. From long and wavy to medium length to short, every woman’s hair is different and beautiful in its own way. Short hair can be incredibly versatile; you can play with texture, partings, accessories, and even add in braids to mix up your style from day to day.

Looking for new, easy ways to style your short, natural hair? Check out this list of natural hairstyles for short hair in 2021.

Short Hair Styles by @houseofpeniel

Mix and match caramel blonde twists

Tired of a regular hairstyle, try this blended braids with twists featuring blonde highlights.

Flat twists with highlighted bangs

Updo with upswept cornrows

Feeling adventurous? Try out this short hair with stylish undercut. Spice up your look by experimenting with different colours.

Be edgy and daring in blonde curls with shaved sides!

You’re sure you don’t want to rock this formal look?

simple natural hair styles

To make your look more gentle, braid the headband of two braids, starting in the forehead.

unique natural hairstyles

styles for very short natural hair

short natural hair styles for black hair

Flat twists can be a lovely idea if you want to design a new updo.

hair styles for African women

Feminine and so cute to look at.

short hairstyle

For an easy style that you can dress up or dress down, short hair is where it’s at.

beautiful hair style for short African hair

Cornrows with highlighted twists are the new cool. Have fun with colours.

Straw set for natural hair

These tiny spirals are an excellent protective style for naturally curly hair.

Tuck and roll, twists and extension Natural Hair Styles by @vognaturals

Simple twists hairstyle

Twist that black hair, girl, it looks incredible!

short natural hair

Allow your braider to get creative and join twists with cornrows for a customized look you’ll be proud to rock.

natural hair updo

Need a protective style for hair growth? Look no further!

Cornrows mohawk

Unleash your badass side to the world with this edgy and cool look.

Why not highlight your bun?

natural hair up do

Why choose between cornrows and an afro when you can sport both?

unique natural hair

Play up natural tendrils with braids by the side. Style looks great with daring makeup and jewelry.


Look effortlessly chic in cornrows bun

Twists are twirled round one another to create a unique look.

natural hair bun

natural hair puff

Cute and simple slick style bantu knotscolored hair do for black hair

Beautiful Natural Hair Styles by @topclass.beauty

natural hair style

Turn heads with afro boasting angled cornrows

natural hair style

Cornrows with curls

This beautiful hairstyle creates a visually interesting and dynamic look that uplifts any casual outfit

natural hair style

Sick of your normal wash and go? Throw a few twists along your hairline.

natural hair style

Feel confident with braided mohawk

natural hair style

Go blondie with flat twists!

natural hairstyles

Cornrows with twist outs

natural hairstyles

Elegant updo
Add a weave to the front and braids to the side for an elegant bouffant style.

natural hairstyles

Braided mohawk

If you want to add some spice to your braided style, try a fun roll with a regal bouffant.

natural hairstyles

natural hairstyles

Twisted cornrows updo

nigeria natural hair style

nigeria natural hair

Natural fauxhawk

Look at those hair lines and twists.

natural hair designs

natural hair weaving

Braid some stylish cornrows on the sides to spice up your twisted Mohawk.

natural hair designs

Short Hair Styles from @kinkycurlycrowned

unique natural hair style

Celebrate the beauty of natural hair with this glam updo

beautiful natural hair style

Beaded braids and afro

Simply chic and beautiful!

kids natural hair style

Creative-yet-simple style for your baby girl

easy natural hair style

Check out this smooth and stylish top bun with accessories.

quick natural hair style

Cute Minnie Mouse buns are perfect for girls and women who don’t mind a simple and fun hairstyle.

DIY natural hair style

Front bantu knots with curly hair

Such a mix, isn’t it? The knots are the cherry on the top.

quick black hair style

Crown braids are undeniably fashionable

mummy daughter hairstyle

Mother and daughter rocking their afro puffs

quick natural hair style

Slick baby hairs are lovely.

short natural hair styleThis perfectly shaped afro has a tapered shape that looks incredibly feminine.

girl natural hair style

Wouldn’t you want your daughter to make a statement with this hairstyle?

quick natural hair style

Short Hair Styles from


Crown braid


Triangular faux locs offer a delicate feminine look. loc styles

Finger coils are a huge trend right now! They are cute and chic and super easy to create!

loc hair styles

Faux locs parted in the middle.

beautiful loc styles

Side swept faux locs

Short Hair Styles from @fayette_nyehn

DIY Natural Hair

It’s a beautiful option when it comes to hairstyles for natural hair that’s rather short.

DIY Natural Hair

Natural updo bun

DIY Natural Hair

This twisted out ‘fro is fierce, fabulous, and fantastically easy to steal.

DIY Natural Hair

Simple and convenient afro puff

DIY Natural Hair

This half twisted style is a good way to keep hair away from your face.

DIY Natural Hair

Double puffs for short natural hair

A natural hairstyle that’s never going to be outdated

purple hair

Add some colour to your hair and give life to your favourite short style.

Short Hair Styles from @yoursnaturallysalon

Natural hair with kinky attachement

Protective twisted bun for simple look

Natural hair with kinky attachment

An updo with a little wave action.

Natural hair with kinky attachment

Braided, banded
Headbands are cute, but braided bands around your head are even cuter!

Natural hair with kinky attachment

Natural updo with voluminous top

An updo with highlights gets you attention.

Stylish braided mohawk that’ll make your girl stand out.

simple natural hair style

This style looks cute on all hair types.

simple natural hair style

When bun meets afro

Create a dynamic look with half up bun and full lush ‘fro

simple natural hair styles

simple natural hair styles

Tuck and roll bun hairstyles are a great way to make a statement

simple natural hair styles

Two tone afro

The blonde colour makes the style pop.

simple natural hair style

Want a protective hairstyle that helps hair growth and feminine look? This is it.

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