NCB Apprehends 3 Nigerian Nationals In India Over Possession of 409 Grams of Cocaine

The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) sleuths in Bengaluru (India) earlier this weekend, arrested a Nigerian woman and seized over 409 Grams of cocaine concealed in bread packets.

The arrested woman was travelling in a bus plying from Mumbai to Bengaluru. Further on her lead, two other Nigerians and a Saudi national were also apprehended in the process.

Sometime in 2018, it was allegedly reported that another 25-year-old suspect had travelled in train Number 12450 (NDLS -Madgoan) to Goa Sampark Kranti.

The woman, however, was arrested upon the train’s arrival at Vadodara railway station, where the team from NCB, acting on tip-off was waiting for her arrival.

According to a series of report, two boxes of Domino’s biscuit was retrieved from the suspect.

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The boxes include packets wrapped with brown scotch tap concealing white crystal form substances in each of the packets.

The substances reportedly tested positive for Amphetamine, weighing 404 gram.

In a similar case to this, a Nigerian woman identified as Priscilla Duru was also sentenced to jail for six years in Rwanda for drug trafficking.

According to reports, the chamber for international crimes at the High Court in Rwanda handed down the sentence on Thursday, February 15, 2018.

Priscilla Duru, the offender, who was in tears, informed the court that she did not know the content of the bag, adding that it was handed to her by a woman from Tanzania.

In addition, Duru also stated that a family friend who owned a pharmacy store asked her to assist him to bring the bag, purportedly containing a particular drug, Ephedrine to Nigeria.

The presiding Judge identified as Alice Rulisa said that the court established that Duru intentionally came into the country in order to traffic drugs.

Priscilla Duru will, however, serve her prison term in Muhanga Prison, and will also be fined 2 million Rwandan francs for her illegal act.

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