Why You Should Never Give Money to Someone Who Uses Better Phone Than You – Reno Omokri

Nigerian lawyer and aide to former president, Reno Omokri is known for his unpopular opinions on Twitter.

In his new post, the controversial aide advised people not to lend money to those with a better phone than them.  He is of the opinion that people who use expensive gadgets but are broke are living a false lifestyle.

Read His Post Below:

A phone is a COMMUNICATION gadget, not a STATUS symbol. NEVER give money to someone who uses a better phone than you. Doing so is not CHARITY. It is STUPIDITY. You are enabling their FALSE LIFESTYLE. CHARITY funds NECESSITIES, not LUXURIES.”

“One of the most USELESS habits that keeps POOR people POOR and in DEBT is the habit of UPGRADING your perfectly good PHONE just because APPLE, SAMSUNG MOBILE or TECNO MOBILE have introduced a new one. Do you see RICH people being that STUPID.”

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