Nigeria Decides: Ben Bruce advises Nigerians ‘Let us choose let us not kill’

– Sen. Ben Murray Bruce has called for peace ahead of the 2019 Presidential Election

– He told Nigerians to choose and not kill each other

As Nigerians prepare to head to the polling booth on Saturday for the Presidential and National Assembly election rescheduled to take place on the 23rd of Feb., Nigerian Sen. Ben Murray Bruce have reached out to Nigerians with an advise to remain peaceful.

Sen. Ben Murray Bruce in his statement today called on Nigerians to go to the polling booths without violence and bitterness.

He declared that Nigerians remain one and don’t need to fight to death.

The Sen. ended his statement with an advise to Nigerians to choose and not kill in the forthcoming election.

Sen. Ben Murray Bruce in his statement said, “Let us go to the polls without violence and bitterness. We are brothers and sisters born by Mother Nigeria. If we fight ourselves to the death, it is our neighbours that will inherit our father’s property. We do not want that at all. This Saturday, let us choose. Let us not kill.”

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The Sen. in a previous statement had refused to celebrate his birthday as he stressed that he couldn’t celebrate while the country is facing challenges, he, however, disclosed that the celebration will come after the election.

In another report, the Independent National Electoral Commission INEC has made it known that it is ready to commence the 2019 General Election which has been rescheduled to commence on Saturday.

iDONSABI.COM is urging Nigerians to remain calm and peaceful as they exercise their franchise so as to make the election free, fair and credible.

Please also know that the Nigerian electoral body, INEC has made it known that only those with PVC are entitled to vote.

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