Nigeria Is Not Prepared For Artificial Intelligence — Dr. Jimson Olufuye

Dr Jimson Olufuye who served as a former President of African Information Communication Technology Alliance, AfICTA, said that Nigeria was not prepared for the implementation of Artificial Intelligence technology in the country.

Dr. Olufuye made this known on Monday when he granted an interview to newsmen in Abuja on Monday. He mentioned that the deployment of AI in the country would require enormous capital investment.


It would also require that the economy of the country is stable and functional, as that is the only avenue for technology to thrive.

According to his words, “The core of AI is programing, algorithm, machine language; and we have a lot of skillful people that can do machine works.

“When it comes to the hardware part of it and the machines that can use AI, it requires a huge investment and the need has to be there.

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“Right now the real need is not there yet, we are still struggling with the basic needs, majority of our population is still trying to make ends meet,’’ he mentioned.

According to him, adopting such technology requires a mass that can only be obtainable in countries such as Japan, China and the U.S.

He also believes that the Nigeria’s development index was still low, and Government of Nigeria needs to address some basic affairs first, before delving into other matters. Areas such as improving internet connectivity across the country.

“Right now there is little or no connectivity and there are still some blind spots across the country,’’ he mentioned.

Dr. Olufuye also said that if we can get our affairs in the right direction, the ICT sector had the capacity to create humongous job opportunities, thereby addressing the pressing issues of unemployment in the nation.

He as well emphasized the need for the government to be transparent in its dealings, and also approve implement new administrative orders, enforce existing ones at the same time, so as to ensure the growth of the sector.

“If the government does not move, nothing moves in Nigeria, Africa and across the world because government policies are helping economies to grow.

He believed that Nigerians are hardworking group of people that would make use of every available opportunity to create wealth and grow wealth. He urged the government to create these enabling environment for its citizens to thrive and attain their full potentials.

“For Nigeria, we need to get our policies right, we need to get drivers of policies right, ensure there is more transparency and proper auditing.

“Government should curb bureaucracies, ensure the ease of doing business is sustained; and enforce regulations for Ministries, Department and Agencies,’’ he concluded.


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