Nigeria Suffering Dictatorship Under Buhari – PDP Stalwart

  • Akinwomi urges EU to continue monitoring election.

Yemi Akinwonmi, the Deputy national chairman (South) of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has said Nigeria has been suffering from the pangs of military dictatorship under the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari in.

In a meeting with a delegation of European Union, EU, at the PDP Presidential Campaign Headquarters, Abuja on Friday, Akinwomi also called on the EU not to give up its election monitoring duties, as this could mean that future generations would not witness democracy in Nigeria.

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Akinwonmi who tried not to label Nigeria a failed nation noted that in spite of the role played by the PDP in deepening democracy in the land, said the ruling administration has failed to build on those successes.

“There is nothing to improve upon in Nigeria today. We are almost back in the dark days of military dictatorship.

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“Nigeria is moving closely to a failed state. You should continue to monitor happenings here because whatever appens to Nigeria will affect the whole of Africa. If you don’t continue in monitoring the electoral process, future generations may have no democracy to witness in Nigeria. “

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