Nigerian Chef, Sisi Yemmie Recounts How Switching To Her English Name Helped Her Get A Job In UK

Nigerian chef and YouTuber, Yemisi Odusanya popularly known as Sisi Yemmi shares how changing her name to English helped her get a job faster in the UK.

She revealed this after BBC UK covered a story on a London-based Nigerian lawyer, Funke Abimbola who shared how her African name stopped her from getting job opportunities.

Sisi Yemmie also shared that she tried applying for jobs for months and got none. However when she changed her name from Yemisi to her English name, Sophie, she got one immediately.

She wrote;

Yup. I applied for jobs for months while i lived in the uk = nothing. I changed from my Yoruba Yemisi to Sophie. Got a job immediately. Ps. I didn’t get A NEW NAME. My middle name is on my passport and all documents , so just flipped it.” 

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