Nigerian Lady Arrested in Hong Kong for Drug Trafficking

A 37-year-old Nigerian lady has been arrested by Hong Kong customs for trafficking hard drugs into the state after flying in from Lagos.

According to reports, the lady in question carried cocaine hidden in condoms and plastic bags found in her vagina in Hong Kong by customs. The lady was also reported to have flown into Hong Kong from Lagos via Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

South China Morning post reported that the 37-year-old lady was taken to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Yau Ma Tei for a check-up and confirmed to have foreign objects in her body.

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According to the report, the suspect had claimed to be a businesswoman and was acting suspiciously when she arrived on a flight from Lagos.

About 215 grams of cocaine hidden in condoms and plastic bags were discovered in her vagina by officials of Hong Kong’s custom at the airport.

After that, she was taken to the hospital where she released 24 capsules of cocaine, each weighing 14 grams, from her body.

It was also reported that the cocaine found on the lady’s body, weighing 550 grams in total, was estimated to be worth US$66,900.

Lady arrested in Hong Kong

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