Nigerian Lady Calls Out Airtel, Complains Their Adverts Portray Tribalism

Nigerian Lady called out Airtel on twitter, complained their adverts are tribalistic.

A twitter user with the username SiSi Temi called out Airtel on a thread on twitter.

She argued that their adverts portray tribalism.

In the adverts by Airtel, two women, mothers to husband and wife were exhibited as subtle enemies.

One was played by actress Ngozi Iwosu, she played the Bride’s mother, a woman who has evolved, using blenders, autogeles and selfie sticks.

The other was played by Idowu Phillips popularly known as Iya Rainbow. She played the Groom’s mother who preferred the mortal to blenders, prefers the traditional way of tying gele and ruined the kitchen when she tried to use the blender. She was portrayed as a woman who isn’t ready to embrace the evolution of the world.

The advert was to pass a message that 4G network is better that 3G. “Life evolves, you should too,” is the end note of the adverts.

However, a Nigerian lady feels there’s more to that. She was concerned about why the Yoruba woman had to play the moronic part.

She stated that adverts are a representation of the society and misrepresentation can be internalized by the viewers especially young kids.

However while she argued this, people who opposed her opinion argued that Airtel didn’t state the tribe of the women in the adverts and how we choose to interpret the ad isn’t the brand’s fault.

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