Nigerian lady shows off her massive bride price items

A Nigerian Lady has flaunted her massive bride price items online which has got netizens talking.

Social media users complained that the items the young man had been tasked with was much all in the name of marrying a wife.

Some others said that considering the massive list of the items which they said was more than enough to set up a provision store, the young man did not marry the lady but rather bought her.

All in all, another social media user came to the rescue of the lady’s family who was been thrashed to say that the items could be gifts from the brides family and friends as is custom in the south east.

She stated that it couldn’t have been the guy that bought all those items.

She commented:

There is something people fail to understand about bride price
In my own village this whole thing will be a gift from your friends and well wishers, your mother in particular will buy things for you, on the day of the traditional marriage, all this will be presented as a gift given to you not your husband will contribute. So say what you know and don’t comment what don’t know because of social media, the lady clarified.

The lady in the middle of the bride price controversy is said to be from Enugu, Nigeria.

Below are photos of the items:

bride price
Photo of the massive bride price items.
bride price
Photo of the massive bride price items.


bride price

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