Nigerian Lady tells Guys to stop Wailing over Breast size

– A Nigerian lady has called out guys against comparing breast size

The Nigerian lady identified as Lillyfiree on Twitter said many guys whose girlfriends have small breasts will rush to Twitter to wail on the size.

Below is what she wrote,


So someone spoke to me and with her permission I’m putting this tweet out. Many of you are quite insensitive, your babe has small breasts but everyday on Twitter you come to wail about how much you love big breasts and how you want it to kill you Lmao what is wrong with you?

I mean , how should she feel really? It’s not nice. You people should totally start dating the type of people you like and adore. Don’t go about making your partners feel like they are not enough, it’s not nice.

Please I don’t want you guys to justify this. It’s bad behavior. It’s just like your babe saying God when to what someone else has when you lack in it , it goes both ways. Let’s not be insensitive please . At least y’all saw eachother’s shortcomings before getting together yeah?
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