Nigerian Landlord Puts Up Hilarious Warning To Stop Tenants From Misusing The Gutter

A Nigerian landlord resorted into placing curses on tenants who decide to pour rubbish and misuse the gutter in the house.

The landlord placed a notice begging them not to “pour rubbish, dirty or use dirtiness to spoil the gutter”.

In the notice, he placed a curse on anyone who decides to go against his warning as he called on the wrath of Almighty God “to disgrace them publicly, put dirty unto their life” and more curse.

On the other hand, he called for the blessings of God for tenants who follow his warning. “For good tenants for keeping the gutter clean, God will give you good life and meet you at the point of your needs,” the notice reads.

See Warning Below:

Landlord puts of funny notice to encourage tenants to keep gutter clean

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