Nigerian Man Calls Out Taxify For Allegedly Stealing From Him

A Nigerian with the name Deriano Agbada has called out Bolt /Taxify on Twitter for consistently debiting his bank account linked to their app without using Taxify.

He claimed that he has made complaints and nothing has been done.

Read His Tweets:

“@Boltapp_ng Taxify or Bolt or whatever you call your scam shitty brand now. My God, I’m so mad. One month ago you guys consistently stole money from my linked debit card up to 13k, I ignored because I couldn’t go through all that stress of contacting your customer care.


“Last week i recieved 6 different debit alerts up to 8k for no reason. Now, i became worried and i couldn’t ignore this time. I have sent Emails, Dms and Replies for a week now, no response. And @Boltapp_ng have been posting tweets on their timeline and ignoring all my messages.

“To even think I ditched my @UberNigeria app for this scam company?

“A reputable company would have a working phone number that is relevant and active for customer support and services. But your line has been purportedly switched off over a week now.

“Again this morning I woke up to another debit alert from @Boltapp_ng even after I removed my card and deleted the app.
Now I’m disgusted! And I’m taking it further to another level. Since we are all mad in this country and nothing in Nigeria is done appropriately and efficiently.

“I’m definitely going to court to file a lawsuit on Monday. I don’t need my refunds anymore. We have been so neglected and frustrated to be Nigerians that our rights and interests don’t matter to these foreign companies. I will sue @Boltapp_ng so help me God.

“I can’t be the only one going through the disgruntlement and incompetence of this company @Boltapp_ng”

Screenshot Of The Debit alerts
Screenshots of the debit alerts

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