Nigerian Man Raises Alarm As People Are Now Standing In Bank Queues And Exchanging Their Spots For N10K (Video)

A Nigerian man identified as @phatzey on Twitter has raised alarm after coming across some people who stand on bank queue just to sell their spots for N10k in Lagos.

Since the lockdown ease, it has been noticed that banks are overwhelmed with the high numbers of customers.

According to Phatzey, some people who don’t have account numbers were at a bank very early so they could sell their spots to those who cane later.

He wrote on Twitter;

“Lagos is crazy mehn, got to bank as early as 7am and I got number 135 and guess what??numbers 1-10 are people that doesn’t have account with the bank and now they’re offering to sell each numbers for 10k. Lagos nawa.”

See Video Below:

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