Nigerian Police Force disclosed readiness for 2019 Governorship elections

– The Nigerian Police Force NPF has disclosed it readiness to participate in the 2019 Governorship and State Assembly Election

According to the schedule prepared by the country’s electoral body, the Independent National Electoral Commission INEC, the 2019 Governorship, and State Assembly Election is expected to take place on the 9th of March, which is barely a few days away.

The Nigerian Police Force NPF in a statement released by the Inspector General of Police IGP, Adamu Mohammed has disclosed the readiness of the security agency to take part in the 2019 Governorship and State Assembly election.

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According to a statement released by the NPF on it Twitter handle, it read

As we perfect our plans for the Governorship and State Assembly elections, I also want to reassure the nation and the international community of the unwavering commitment of the Police to work closely with INEC and sister security agencies towards guaranteeing a peaceful and secure space for Nigerians to exercise their electoral franchise.

l must, however, re-emphasize that just as in the recently concluded Presidential and National Assembly elections, the Nigeria Police shall remain civil, firm, optimally professional and apolitical in the discharge of our duties in the 9th March, 2019 elections.

We shall, nonetheless, deploy all lawful assets and assert our statutory powers to deal decisively, firmly, and promptly with any person or groups that may attempt to disrupt the process.

Therefore, all political actors who might be preparing to threaten the peaceful conduct of the exercise are hereby firmly warned to play the game of politics by the rules as stipulated in the Electoral Act & to appreciate that national interest overrides their personal ambitions.

Doing otherwise shall attract the full and appropriate response from the Police and other security agencies. 

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