Nigerian Soldier Recounts how Boko Haram’s Strongest Camp was Defeated

A Nigerian soldier, who was among the military squad that succeded in capturing Boko Haram’s camp zero in Sambisa Forest (which is believed to be Boko Haram stronghold) has revealed how the Nigerian army were able to overrun the terrorists.

Speaking to a source on Tuesday, the young soldier who chose to remain anonymous said, Boko Haram had already deserted camp zero by the time the Nigerian forces arrived.

Speaking on the battle, the soldier revealed that the Nigerian Army had fought the terrorists for days on end without making any progress. He also revealed that, it got to a stage where the militia group began enjoying superior fire-power as the soldiers had to call for reinforcements.

“By the time we were ready to make an inroad into the camp, they had already destroyed the camp and fled. We found a wounded terrorist, who strap himself with an IED. He was heaping abuses on us, we kept a distance from him knowing he could be dangerous and after abusing us and knowing he had no chances of escape, detonated the IED to end his life,” the Soldier said.

He said, while he was abusing them and the government, he told them that, “Allah had given them victory over the Nigerian troops and every terrorist killed in the war had huge rewards from Allah.”

“He went on to say, “my brothers (Fleeing Terrorists) are brave warriors of Allah. We will continue to fight you infidels to the last of you. We have defeated you and victory is ours, by the will of Allah.” said the soldier.

When the source quizzed the soldier if during the fighting they were able to get close to where the leader of Boko Haram, Abubakar Shekau is or whether they were able to locate the location of the rest of the Chibok girls, he said, there was no places conquered that they found traces of Shekau or the Chibok girls.

“I do not think Shekau is with the Chibok girls. What we believe is that, he (Shekau) is moving along with some of his finest fighters while the Chibok girls are moving along with some of the top commanders of Boko Haram. Those ones, we have not come in contact with yet.“

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