Nigerian Woman to Spend 6 Years In Jail For Beating Her Daughter In Ghana

Nigerian Woman to Spend 6 Years In Jail For Beating Her Daughter In Ghana.

A Nigerian Woman based in Ghana with the name Rebecca Ojo Udonsi has been arrested and jailed for child abuse.

The mother of three after being provoked by her daughter used a scissors and then a knife to beat her 12 year old daughter’s hand until it started to spurt blood.

According to her, her daughter is stubborn and also a thief.

She claimed she once stole two phones. Someone’s phone that she was charging in her room and then her own phone.

Apart from phones, she claimed she had stolen money multiple times from her and she had decided to take the child back to her dad in Nigeria.

However they didn’t have enough money. The mother said she had tried all possible methods to talk her daughter out of stealing.

“She started this attitude from Nigeria before we left the country”  Rebecca said

On the day of the incident, Rebecca suspected her 12 year old daughter is responsible for the missing GH¢119.50 in her bag.

The last money on the mother which they were to use to feed themselves. She confronted her and she denied it.

The mother in her anger took a scissors and later a knife to beat her daughter’s hand with it while the door to the room was locked. The daughter suffered deep injuries on her hand.

On an interview with Sky News, Rebecca begged for her release so she could take care of her children.

It is said that the children will be under the guardianship of a relative in Ghana. Arrangements would be made to send them to their father in Nigeria.

Rebecca Ojo Udonsi has been sentenced to 6 years in jail. After completing her stay in jail, Rebecca will be deported to Nigeria.

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