‘Nigerians and Humility Don’t Mix’ – Trevor Noah tells Burna Boy

Nigerian singer, Burna Boy appeared on ‘The Daily Show,’ hosted by South African comedian, Trevor Noah. In his interview, the singer explained the details of his outburst at Coachella organizers in March 2019 prior his performance.

It happened that after the announcement that he was going to perform at Coachella, Burna Boy lashed out on Instagram demanding that his name be written in bold letters instead of the tiny font it came in.

Talking about the event, Burna explained to the host;

Yeah basically, I was on the toilet seat and then my mom (also his manager, ‘Mama Burna’) calls 

So, I get up and you know go on the gram (laughs) and then I see the thing (the poster) and I’m seeing all the names but I literally can’t find my name. So I’m like ‘Am I really performing here? (Laughs) What’s going on?’

“And she’s (Mama Burna) like ‘Nah, it’s there.’ She had to circle it for me (to see). So, basically, that’s never happened to me before you know, I’m used to being the African giant… So I’m like, ‘What’s this? I don’t like this.’ (Laughs). So, basically, I told them… I expressed myself… So that everyone coming after me shouldn’t have to go through that.”

In reply to this, Trevor Noah jokingly said Nigerians and humility don’t mix.

I feel like it was the Nigerian in you kicking in… Nigerians and humility don’t mix. Nigerians are like we kick a**. Nigerians are like the coolest Africans on the continent,” the author said.

After his interview, Burna Boy went along to perform his songs, Ye and Anybody to the audience.

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