Nigerians React as Abuja-based Lawyer Receives Poem From Boyfriend

An Abuja-based lawyer became controversial after he got a love poem from his American boyfriend, Steve few days before the end of pride month.

One of the poems he recently received reads as follows,

“There will never come a day

You’ll ever hear me say that I want

And need to be without you.

I wanna give my all

Baby just hold me

Simply control me

Cause your arms, they keep away the lonelies

When I look into your eyes, then I realize

That all I need is you in my life

“All I need is you in my life…. ‘Cause I’ve never felt this way about loving…and it feels so good.” ?#MCM #finally #loveislove #blacklove #love”

With the homophobic nature of most Nigerians, the poem and picture got lots of reaction.

See Reactions:

Lawyer receives poem from gay boyfriend Lawyer receives poem from gay boyfriend

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