Nigerians reacts to FG move for 774 LGAs financial autonomy from June 1st

The Federal Government is set to grant financial autonomy to Local Governments from June 1st

– Nigerians have taken to the social media to applaud the FG for the move

Today, the President Buhari led FG made it known that 774 Local Government areas in the country will be grant financial autonomy starting from June 1st as against the regular norm of waiting for allocation from the state governments.

Below are some of the reactions from Nigerians on the move;

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I’m no lawyer but I do know states are responsible for the proper running of LGAs. To create a single additional LGA, you need an amendment of the constitution. Hence, the creation by other means adopted by Lagos and Ogun. #LGAFunds
While I’m happy y’all are happy with the direct allocation to LGAs, you need deep understanding of how our constitution says against what really operates before you break out the champagne glasses. Lemme just pose a few questions first. #LGAFunds
So, in the constitution, Lagos only has 24 LGAs, but Lagos State sees 57 LGAs & LCDAs. Starting in June, the Accountant General of the Federation will remit money into 20 Lagos LGA accounts; what happens to the LCDAs?! Who will reallocate the money?! #LGAFunds
Local Government is the closest to the people especially at the grassroots, but it is always underfunded & allocations mismanaged. LGAs have been made passive & only survive at the mercy of State Govs. I think the FG has done well by giving autonomy to LGAs. It is a welcome devt
But unfortunately grassroots politics is also the bloodiest and must susceptible to corruption among the three tiers of govt in Nigeria. The policy would definitely make the LGAs more independent. But it won’t change political socialisation at this level any time soon

I got you now. The message is that LGAs will be receiving their shares directly!


I am. But, it’s not the job of FG to give LGAs autonomy. States are federating units of their own and have their own laws. The 1999 puts the administration of LGAs under states. It’s complicated. That’s why the Supreme Court should make a final declaration.

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