“Nigerians Respect Fear More Than Religion’ – Simi

Nigerian singer, Simi has reacted to the increasing number of Coronavirus cases in Nigeria and some Nigerians’ nonchalance to the situation.


She wrote that although it is advised that people shouldn’t spread fear about COVID-19, fear need to be instilled in some Nigerians to help them realize how serious the situation is.

She wrote;

‘“Don’t spread fear.” They said. At this point, we might need to change that strategy because the only thing Nigerians respect more than religion is fear. Everything needs to shut be down. Not later. Now!

She also advised religious leaders to take the situation serious and tell their followers to stay home during this time.

“If they insist on going to church, show them the stories of churches abroad where the virus spread. These religious heads need to start being more responsible. People respect you – ACT LIKE YOU DESERVE THE RESPECT. Be compassionate and tell your followers to stay home,” she added.

She continued;

“The country has been shut down for less trivial things before etc…somehow we got by. Now let’s do it for something way more important. For our lives. We’ve been governing ourselves on a lot of things that matter for a while now, we have no choice but to continue. Please.”

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