“Nigeria’s Population Is Not 190 Million” – Eldee Argues

Nigerian rapper, Eldee reiterates in his new post that Nigeria’s population is not 190 million as claimed. According to him it’s false and there is no way Nigeria can be more populated than China.

He wrote;

“Ok, for the 105th time,….

“Nigeria’s population IS NOT 190million! Aren’t there any demography experts among us!?? Why are we continuing to perpetrate this falsehood. Densely populated no doubt but is it more populated than China?”

He also compared the land masses of the Beijing, China and Lagos, Nigeria and concluded that there’s no way the numbers of people in Lagos can be that close to Beijing.

“Oya let’s do primary 5 math….

“Lagos, Nigeria = 452sq miles, 

“Average building height is <3 floors. 

“Beijing, China = 6490sq miles. 

“Average building height is >8 story. 

“Beijing has 21million people, and Lagos has 17million people?? 

“Haba!? E beru Olohun now!

“Even if the average building height in Lagos was 10 floors, it still wouldn’t be as populated as Beijing. There’s just not enough land mass. When African politicians stop using population as a distribution metric for national wealth, the real numbers will emerge.”

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